Parish Organizations

Meets the first Tuesday of the month in the church hall, except June-August. Established to share with the community the gifts, talents, and love that God has blessed us with. Provides scholarships for students, donates to many school activities including essays, science fair, and social festivities such as prom.

The organization consists of all women of the parish.  The Altar Society's purpose is to promote true Christian Charity, the love of God, our neighbor and Christian family life.  The Altar Society takes care of and supplies the immediate needs of the altar and sacristy, which includes the altar wine, hosts, care and cleaning of the vestments, server robes and other furnishings.  They also prepare and serve funeral dinners, dinners for priests and many other social functions, remembers the elderly and homebound, raises funds to help organizations of the parish community and diocesan groups in need and much more.  

Meets the last Wednesday of the month in the church hall. Four key principles chariacterize the Knights of Columbus:  charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism.  Some of their works include support of the Magisterium, promotion of the pro-life cause, aid to handicapped persons, support of truly Catholic healthcare, vocation promotion, community involvement, and support to Lourdes Central Catholic School. 

Meets every Wednesday after the 8:00 a.m. Mass at the rectory. Active members pray, attend weekly meetings and do a legionary work of about an hour a week. This work consists of calling on the homebound, visiting fallen away Catholics, helping with Masses at nursing homes and many other acts of charity. The auxiliary members pray daily for the success of the work of the Legionaries.